Work life balance - how is it possible to find?

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Is there such a thing as work-life balance?

- by Kathrine Christensen, March 2023

During the years I have worked with many different people of all ages and backgrounds, and there is often a common theme: struggling to balance work and personal life. 
Feeling insufficient.

Can we even separate the terms 'Work' and 'Life', where Life means our sparetime? Isn't it a part of our life to work as well and ideally not something that we shall get over with...?

CEO and philosopher Morten Albæk mentions that intense velocity has become an overall goal in our society in a way that it divides people into two groups - in an inappropriate way: the strong ones that can stand the pressure - constantly moving forward, and the 'weak' group that sometimes pauses…

The fact that a break is seen as a sign of weakness is problematic, because the lack of space/ pauses prevents creative processes to flow freely - and we don’t get the chance to reflect, if we are on the right path - which means more mistakes in the end...

In music silence/ pauses means everything, so we can hear the melody more clearly.
Music would be noice without this! Life can feel the same way if there are no pauses...!

In the workshops I make for companies, I sometimes bring up this importen issue - work-life balance: how is it possible to find, can Mindfulness be a help and how can we enjoy taking a REAL break, without feeling even more stressed afterwards because of the level of work - pressure - waiting?

A workshop is a mixture of theory, brief discussions and easy exercises where everybody can participate without having any experience. My goal is to inspire you to realize that only 10 minutes of daily training can make a huge difference in finding a (better) balance.

Read more about my workshops for companies here:

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